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Syringe Pumps

Modular high precision syringe pump systems for organ-on-chip applications and other sophisticated liquid handling tasks

At ALS we developed a novel high-precision double syringe pump system designed for research of microfluidic models and organ-on-chip applications. This affordable pump version allows the user an easy access to two single syringes with adjustable flow rates. Syringe volumes range from 5 µl up to 5 ml. The new modular plug and play design offers the possibility to connect up to 8 pump modules without any configuration. In combination our compatible valve modules a continuous and pulsation-free liquid flow can be generated.
Syringe pump system


The versatile modular design of our pulsation-free syringe pumps allows usage in a wide range of applications. Starting with a single pump module additional pumps can be added on demand keeping the system in line with ever-changing application requirements. With this microfluidic applications with up to 16 different continuous flow rates are possible.
modular syringe pump system


  • Double syringe system for continuous and pulsation-free liquid flow generation
  • Combination of up to 8 double syringe modules
  • Each module can be used for generation of two separately controlled flows (e.g. simulation of different flow rates inside an organ model)
  • Low dead volume by using rotation valve technology
  • Tuneable flow rates from 0.5 µL/min up to 2000 µL/min depending on syringe volume
  • Easy communication via USB/Ethernet and pump control software
  • Easy removal of valve and syringe modules
  • Horizontal or vertical usage
  • Autoclavable valve version available
Syringe pump system double


Performance specifications
24 VDC
Traversing distance
60 mm
Minimum speed
0.1 mm/min
Maximum speed
35 mm/min
Minimum flow rate (5 µL)
10 nL/min
Weight (syringe pump)
1.5 kg
Size (syringe pump)
210 x 100 x 68 mm (W x H x D)
Weight (syringe pump incl. valve)
2.1 kg
Size (syringe pump incl. valve)
320 x 110 x 68 mm (W x H x D)
magnetic back panel

vertical or horizontal
up to 8 modules
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