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Single cell picking module

Single cell picking module for precise single cell and colony picking

The Single Cell Picking Module utilizes liquid buffered single-use glass capillaries providing gentle aspiration with extremely high precision down to the nanoliter range. This module can be used for precise isolation of individual single cells, clusters, single cell clones, spheroids, small organoids, embryoid bodies etc.

Contrary to manual or semi-automatic picking setups in traditional micro manipulators the vertical capillary orientation and precision of the ALS CellCelector™ allows for easy picking from various culture lab ware including 96 well plates, multi-well slides and nanowell arrays as well as deposition into small destination wells like 1,536 or 384 well plates, deep well plates and PCR tubes or plates.

Key features

  • Glass capillaries available with inner diameters ranging from10 µm to 220 µm depending on application
  • Gentle aspiration compatible with picking of sensitive living cells
  • Tuneable aspiration volumes from ~1 nl to 12 µl
  • Integrated touch sensor for easy calibration
  • Automated adjustment of picking height
  • Automatic capillary sterilization

Example of before and after picking images

Picking of single cells: image before picking
Picking of single cells: image after picking
Picking of single HEK 293T cell with a 30 µm capillary

Example of using of Single Cell module with various source plate formats

The Single Cell module can be used with almost any kind of standard lab ware ranging from well plates (1 to 96 wells), petri dishes of all sizes and microscope slides as well as custom consumables. This flexibility is given for both source and destination plates.
Microplates (1 to 96 well)
Single cell module in 24 well plate
Single cell module in petri dish
Multi-well chamber slides
Single cell module in multi-well chamber slide
Single cell module on Slide
Nanowell plates
Single cell module on Nanowell plate

Example of destination plates

Single cell module in microplate
PCR plates (96 or 384 well)
Single cell module in 96 well PCR plate
Single cell module on Ampligrid
PCR tubes
Single cell module in PCR tube

Picking modes

The CellCelector™ is able to both isolate individual single cells into separate destination wells as well as pool single cells into the same destination well. In this case it can pick multiple single cells sequentially into the capillary before transferring the picked cells to the destination well.
Single cell isolation
Single cell isolation
Cell pooling
Single cell pooling

Related applications

  • Isolation of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) for oncology applications
  • Isolation of single fetal cells for cell based non-invasive prenatal testing (cbNIPT)
  • Forensic applications e.g. picking of sperms for genetic analysis
  • Purification of samples for genetic single cell analysis like single cell PCR, RNA-seq or Next-generation sequencing
  • Single cell cloning of gene-edited iPS cells (or other stem cell lines)
  • HT-NIC: High-throughput nanowell-based single cell cloning with an integrated monoclonality proof for pharmaceutical cell line development
  • Single cell secretion screening and picking (e.g. on individual plasma B-Cells or Hybridoma cells for Antibody discovery)
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