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Single cell isolation & analysis services

Utilize the power of CellCelector™ technology for your samples

High-precision isolation of (rare) single cells from mixed cell populations is now readily available for researchers by utilizing ALS’ expertise in this field. Our single cell isolation & analysis services are performed using the automated ALS CellCelector™ single cell sorting and isolation system including rigorous quality control and maximum reproducibility in our state-of-the-art cellular and molecular biology laboratory.

Maybe you are interested in CellCelector technology and want to assess it with your own samples? Or perhaps you have already applied for a grant but would like to start using this technology for your on-going projects without any delay? Or maybe you have only occasional needs for single cell isolation and analysis not justifying the purchase of a dedicated system?

Now you can start right away benefitting from the unique CellCelector technology. The system runs using our optimized protocols and validated workflows and is operated by ALS scientists who are experts in cell isolation and manipulation techniques. For example, pure single circulating tumor cells (CTCs) can be isolated and recovered from blood samples pre-processed by you or in our lab. If necessary, we can provide downstream molecular analysis of the recovered cells.
CellCelelctor single cell isolation services
ALS CellCelector is the only system which provides fully automated high-throughput screening, image-based detection and recovery of (rare) single cells with 100% purity enabling compatibility with state-of-the-art downstream molecular analysis.

How our CellCelector services work

1. You discuss with our scientists a tailored experimental design to suit your research needs and budget.

2. You ship your samples to our laboratory in Germany following the storage and shipping guidelines provided by us.

3. The samples will be processed for single cell isolation including necessary sample preparation and enrichment steps.

4. The recovered cells are sent back to you together with an extensive report which includes e.g. the pre- and post picking images of the recovered cells.

Optionally, molecular analysis tests can be performed on recovered cells. For example, the cells can be subjected to lysis and single-cell whole genome amplification (WGA) with the genomic DNA generated sent to you together with quality control results. We can also perform mutation analysis tests (e.g. ESR1/PIK3CA) on the isolated cells. Custom tests can be developed on request.
5. Follow-up scientific discussion.
Processing customer samples under the hood

Examples of single cell isolation services

Single cell isolation from liquid biopsies

The CellCelector allows you to obtain pure single circulating tumor cells (CTCs), CTC clusters as well as pools of CTCs or white blood cells (WBCs) for downstream molecular analysis.

Service options include:

  • Enrichment. Processing of your whole blood samples for CTC enrichment using the FDA-approved CellSearch or microfluidics-based Parsortix cell separation systems.
  • Labeling. Labeling of cells using our or your antibody cocktail (e.g. after Parsortix).
  • Detection of apoptosis. We can use markers in order to isolate only viable cells. This reduces cost and improves the quality of your downstream analysis results.
  • Detection and enumeration. Automated detection, high resolution imaging, and enumeration of the target cells.
  • Isolation (picking) of single or pooled cells (CTCs and WBCs) from samples enriched by you or by our lab. Get as many cells as you need: there is no system limitation of cell numbers to be recovered.
  • Provision of cytomorphologic data for the isolated cells.
Single Cell Analysis options

  • Cell lysis and WGA: Genomic DNA will be isolated and amplified.
  • Genomic integrity index will be determined.
  • Mutation analysis: E.g. PIK3CA hotspot and ESR1 mutation analysis.
  • Custom procedures: Other tests can be developed upon request.
IF labelled circulating tumor cell (CTC) with surrounding leucocytes
Standard samples accepted:

  • Whole blood or other body fluids (e.g. ascites) in CellSave®, Transfix® or Streck® preservative tubes.
  • CellSearch cartridges with enriched blood samples.
  • Cell harvest from your microfluidic or other cell separation systems (e.g. Parsortix).

Analysis of FFPE tissue samples with recovery of pure tumor and stromal cells

The CellCelector solves the problem of solid tumor tissue heterogeneity found in FFPE specimens by separating pure tumor and stromal cell subpopulations at a single cell level. Obtaining pure cell populations enables a more accurate molecular characterization.

Service options include:

  • Preparation of a single cell suspension using a cocktail of enzymes
  • Application of different antigen retrieval methods
  • Labeling of cells with your antibodies
  • Isolation of pure tumor and stromal cell populations with the CellCelector   
Standard samples accepted:
  • FFPE tissue
FFPE cancer tissue sample

Preparation of samples with high precision cell counts

Standardization of analytical studies or evaluation of rare cell detection or isolation technologies often require samples with a precise cell count to be spiked into control liquids. ALS has developed a robust method which solves this challenge by providing samples with an exact mixture of prelabeled or unlabelled cells.

Service options include:
  • Preparation of samples with an exact cell count (e.g. 5, 20, 50) down to a single cell.
  • Preparation of samples with a series of cell counts (e.g. 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, …).
  • Preparation of mix of two populations of prelabelled cells with given cell numbers (e.g. 5 red and 25 green cells per tube).
  • Automated pre-selection of cells by size or fluorescence markers.
  • We can provide STR-proven cell lines (e.g. MCF-7, SKBR3 etc.)
Standard samples accepted
  • Single cell suspensions of fixed labeled or unlabelled cells.
Deposition of cells into rack of tubes
You have different samples than listed above? You have a custom assay you would like us to run? You have questions regarding any of the above? Then please contact us. We are always open to discuss your project and work together with you solving your application challenge.

Benefits of our CellCelector single cell isolation services

  • Easy access to  state-of-the-art cell sorting and isolation technology providing 100 % pure single cells or homogenous pools of cells from a mixed population.
  • Perform downstream analysis down to the single cell level (e.g. NGS analysis).
  • Benefit from the vast experience of our experts in single-cell isolation and analysis.
  • Access our CellCelector technology with your own samples hence minimizing the risks before purchasing.
Single cell PCR analysis
To discuss how CellCelector can work for your samples
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