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Motorized Stages

Motorized high precision stages for micropositioning and scanning

Our motorized stages are designed for the exact movement of objects and are ideal for all applications requiring high precision, high speed and compact installation dimensions at affordable prices.
Originally developed for our single cell and colony picking system, the ALS CellCelector™, our high-precision stages are characterized by precise and fast backlash-free movements delivering maximum repetitive accuracy.

Application fields

  • Precision positioning systems
  • Microscopic imaging and scanning
  • Measuring and inspection tables
  • Positioning of parts for part labeling and laser printing
  • Optical systems
  • Lab automation
  • Assembly technology
  • Custom-made positioning systems
high precision stage


  • Three sizes A, B and C with numerous options
  • Drives with brushless DC Servo motors for dynamics and accuracy
  • Control via CANopen
  • Drive control with encoder feedback
  • Low backlash design of the drive for the highest positioning accuracy
  • Actuators insensitive to cleaning fluids
  • Power transmission by ball screws
  • Cross roller guides
  • Table made of black anodised aluminium to provide low weight and to avoid light reflections
  • 1.3505 bearing steel guides
  • Connection elements made of robust VA2
  • CE compliant design
microscopic stage


Stage size A

  • Permissible load: 1.5 kg centered
  • Positioning accuracy: up to + 0.01 mm
  • Repeatability: up to + 0.001 mm
  • Other sizes on request - maximum 150 mm x 150 mm distance

Stage size B

  • Permissible load: 30 kg centered
  • Positioning accuracy: up to + 0.01 mm
  • Repeatability: up to + 0.005 mm
  • Other sizes on request - maximum 400 mm x 400 mm distance

Stage size C

  • Permissible load: 50 kg centered
  • Positioning accuracy: up to + 0.02 mm
  • Repeatability: up to + 0.01 mm
  • Other sizes on request - maximum 600 mm x 600 mm distance

Options & customized solutions

We know that each application is different so we provide all our stages in a modular design with numerous options. Of course we can also provide customized solutions based on our standard versions or realize complete new developments as part of our OEM services. This will give you a positioning system that is perfectly adapted to your application.


  • Stepper motors or manual drives
  • Displacement measurement systems for high absolute precision control down to +200 nm
  • Control and input with joysticks for one to three axis's
  • Belt drives for larger tables with lower precision requirements
  • Additional, custom mounting points possible
  • Customized stage designs
  • High-Level stage controllers with .net-SDK available
  • Communication options include PROFIBUS, TCP-IP or serial interfaces
  • Various surface materials
  • Customized adapters for plates, petri dishes, microscope slides and other objects available
  • Also available for operation in clean rooms up to class 6
high precision stage
Are you interested in our high precision stages or do you need customized solutions?
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