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About us

Empowering life science, diagnostics and pharmaceutical research

We develop, manufacture and sell high-quality automated solutions for life sciences in a broad range of areas including molecular diagnostics, cancer and stem cell research, cell line development and bioprocessing. Our core competencies are in automated cell manipulation, cell sorting and isolation, microscopic high-content imaging and analysis as well as liquid handling.
Our ALS CellCelector single cell and colony picking platform is based on our multi-patented, unique cell and colony isolation technology which provides unmatched flexibility, high-quality results, operational reliability, cost-effectiveness and simple use.
Beyond our own end-customer products we offer OEM development and production of your customized systems from design and prototyping to serial manufacturing and quality control.
ALS Automated Lab Solutions GmbH is privately owned and is headquartered in Jena, Germany.


The success of ALS is anchored on a highly-experienced and well-trained multidisciplinary team of engineers, software developers, scientists and marketing experts who work together to solve our customers' laboratory automation needs by designing and delivering innovative automation systems used all around the world. The ALS team is completed by our international application specialists, service engineers and distributors who constantly support our customers and partners in their research and development projects.


Continuous innovation for over twenty years

1998 - AVISO GmbH Foundation
ALS roots: The start of AVISO GmbH
ALS traces its roots back to AVISO GmbH Mechatronics Systems which was founded in the center of Germany in 1998. AVISO emerged as a strong, highly innovative partner for OEM development and manufacturing specializing in manufacturing of sophisticated laboratory and medical automation systems for research and diagnostics in highly regulated markets like drug and patient sample screening. This created a strong foundation of engineering and regulatory expertise that is at the core of ALS today.
2000 - 2005
2005 - CellCelector prototyping by Eberhardt Bornmann
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Inventing the future: The start of ALS' automated cell picking technology
Answering increased market needs for automated cell and colony picking solutions the future ALS founders Gerd Bornmann and Jens Eberhardt develop the first prototypes of what would become the ALS CellCelector™ technology exploring applications in single cell and colony picking. In the following years, encouraged by first successful tests and positive feedback from customers, the company modifies its strategy starting its own product development and marketing activities.  AVISO wins multiple awards for innovation and is listed multiple times in the “TOP 100” list of the most innovative mid-size companies in Germany. This includes winning the category for product and process innovations.
2003 - CellCelector commercial launch
CellCelector cell and colony picker launched commercially
The CellCelector platform is introduced progressively with several exchangeable picking modules allowing single cell isolation, adherent stem cell colony picking and clone picking from semi-solid media. The CellCelector approach revolutionizes automated image-based single cell sorting and isolation replacing labor-intensive, manual cell picking with automated workflows and systems. The CellCelector is adopted by many leading academic and industry research labs in Germany and all around the world in the fields of immunology, stem cell and antibody research.
2009 - Incubator Flowbox introduction
Incubator Flowbox introduced
Answering CellCelector customers demands for long term imaging and manipulation of sensitive cells outside an incubator ALS develops a unique cabinet combining a laminar flow hood with climate control features as found in CO2 incubators. The Incubator Flowbox provides sterile working conditions with efficient control of temperature, humidity and CO2 levels thus enabling reliable long term live cell sorting and cloning experiments while keeping the cells viable.
2011 - ALS GmbH foundation
ALS Automated Lab Solutions GmbH is born, expansion to CTC market
Pursuing their dream Jens and Gerd start ALS Automated Lab Solutions GmbH acquiring all AVISO assets and keeping the core AVISO team intact. The following years ALS turns to rare cell detection and recovery applications and particularly to the rapidly growing liquid biopsy/circulating tumor cell (CTC) market. Numerous leading academic research groups, CROs and diagnostics companies rapidly adopt the CellCelector technology. Over the years ALS establishes the CellCelector as a key technology leader and prime product in the field of rare cell screening and isolation. In parallel, ALS continues to expand and refine its OEM activities.
2014 - ALS GmbH ISO 13485 certified
ALS gets DIN EN ISO 13485 certified
To be ready for medical laboratory and diagnostics markets, ALS finishes its first DIN EN ISO 13485 certification of its processes for design and manufacturing of medical devices.
2014 - ALS part of LIMA EU project
ALS collaborates with Philips in liquid biopsies
ALS joins a Philips-led consortium that is awarded a 6.3 M€ European Horizon 2020 grant to develop integrated approaches for personalized cancer diagnostics and treatment. The four-year research project, ‘Liquid biopsies and IMAging for improved cancer care’ (LIMA), aims to increase the accuracy of both genetic and functional characterization of primary breast and rectal cancer by combining advanced blood tests and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The ALS CellCelector™ single cell screening and picking technology is selected by Philips to isolate cells for quantitative signal pathway analysis by analyzing mRNA expression levels on single, individual CTCs.
2018 - ALS Headquarters new production facility
Ready for new horizons: ALS opens modern new HQ & manufacturing facility
Driven by its growth in rare cell detection and cell line development markets, ALS relocated its headquarters to a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facility in Jena, Germany. The new company-owned location provides more space and expanded infrastructure to accommodate the growing development and manufacturing needs. Investments into IT systems, 3D printing, CNC milling and PCB manufacturing capacity allow for faster prototyping and deeper manufacturing capacity for OEM projects. Under one roof all engineering, procurement, manufacturing, service and support as well as application specialists can further thrive as a team.
2020 - Nanowell single cell cloning
Nanowell-based single cell cloning method introduced: a paradigm shift in cell line development
ALS introduces a novel nanowell-based single cell cloning method with one cloning round and in-process image-verified monoclonality and viability proofs. This revolutionary method considerably reduces the time needed for the screening and generation of producer cell lines providing an efficient alternative to traditional limiting dilution and FACS single cell cloning methods.
2021 - New CellCelector Flex
The next generation - Launch of the new CellCelector Flex
The next generation of the ALS CellCelector, the CellCelector Flex, is a result of consequently implementing our gathered experience from countless collaborations with customers and research partners worldwide. The new system represents ALS’ enhanced focus on a modern, user-friendly design, completely new microscope optics developed and designed by ALS as well as an improved microscope stage. The new CellCelector Flex offers a wealth of new features to the user while at the same time significantly simplifying the process of cell identification and picking.
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