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MagnetPick Adapter & Slides

The MagnetPick™ system for isolation of immunomagnetically enriched rare single cells with the CellCelector

The ALS MagnetPick™ adapter and slides are designed for the specific isolation and picking of rare single cells (like CTCs or fetal cells) from suspension that have been processed utilizing positive immuno-magnetic enrichment methods (e.g. CellSearch, Isoflux, MagSweeper).

Slides and magnet adapter

After enrichment the samples are loaded straight on the MagnetPick™ glass slide which will be positioned on the magnet adapter within the microscopic stage of the CellCelector. A magnetic field will align the beads and hold the cells in place keeping their position stable for screening, detection and picking of individual single cells or clusters.

Ordering information

Catalog No.
Slides per pack
MagnetPick™ Slides 300
1 pack of 72 MagnetPick™ glass slides for MagnetPick™ 300 adapter;
Each slide contains one hydrophilic sample area for sample volumes of up to 300 µl
Microplate adapter, MagnetPick™ 300
Adapter to place one MagnetPick™ 300 slide onto the microscope stage;
adapter is placed into Microplate stage adapter (CC3001); includes 1 pack of 72 x MagnetPick™ 300 glass slides
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