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CellCelector PCR Hood

CellCelector PCR Hood: Affordable benchtop cabinet designed for analysis applications

Not all applications require the use of expensive biosafety cabinets or even our Incubator Flowbox. If no sterile working conditions are required the CellCelector PCR hood is the perfect cost-effective solution.
It protects the CellCelector from dust and debris keeping it clean for everyday use. Furthermore it protects the user from the high forces and torques during operation of the CellCelector . All the access doors of the hood are equipped with the interlock sensors required for the operation of the CellCelector .
It has been specially designed for the CellCelector and is placed directly on the benchtop.
Catalog No.: CC6002

Technical specifications


Housing only
1150 mm x 790 mm x 935 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Incl. open doors
1600 mm x 790 mm x 1330 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Height with support table (800mm)
appr. 1750 mm (appr. 2200 mm with open front door)
appr. 68 kg
Total weight incl. CellCelector
appr. 120 kg
Supply voltage
power supply via CellCelector or 220-240 V ~50 Hz (optional 110-120 V ~60 Hz)
Connected load
max. 100 W (excluding CellCelector)
User protection
Security sensors on all doors. Robot stops when door is open.
Internal lighting
included; switched from the control panel
Technical drawing of SafetyBox PCR cabinet
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Customized biosafety cabinet

Customized biosafety cabinet
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