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Quality policy

Quality is the precondition of our success

ALS Automated Lab Solutions is
a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory devices.

Our Quality politics

Quality Management is not only an executive function and obligation for our management. It applies to the acting and thinking of all of our employees. All activities within our company are determined by the uncompromising compliance with our quality policy.

ALS Automated Lab Solutions GmbH is engaged in the development and production of automated laboratory devices. Our products are solutions for life science and general automation markets. Our products are mainly distributed within Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

On these markets, we are facing very high scientific, technological  and quality demands as well as global competition.  We will only be successful if meeting thoroughly all our quality objectives. Our customers' success will be our success.

Therefore we have set the following principles as our quality objectives. They shall focus each of our employees on what is important to us. Quality is not created on its own - it has to be created by each employee and every day anew.

1) Our customer's satisfaction is decisive for our success and the future growth of our company.

2) Our customer's expectations define our actions. Special customer requests pose a challenge to us and will be implemented if they are technically possible.

3) The collaboration with our customers has to be to their satisfaction at any time. This applies from the first contact with our company to the final day of use of our solutions.

4) Our customers are setting the benchmark for our quality. Their judgement over our products is crucial. Therefore product quality is one of our ultimate business objectives.

5) Each employee contributes in its position to the realization of our quality policy. Therefore the quality guidelines given here are binding for all employees. Additional demands from our customers shall be considered.

6) Our suppliers are tightly integrated into our quality management system and checked regularly by supply chain audits.

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