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OEM services

Get your solution to market faster and at reduced cost

Your innovation is still in the concept stage and you would like to develop and build a working prototype? You envisage moving to a pilot production or are looking for a reliable manufacturing partner? You have an assay or kit that you want to market together with a tailored device with your own branding based on our trusted CellCelector technology? Whatever your ideas and challenges are - ALS Automated Lab Solutions can help to make your journey from idea to market faster and more affordable while minimizing risks.

Why choose ALS as an OEM partner?

OEM modular development
As we are marketing our own cell imaging and micromanipulation systems in life science, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics industries for over 15 years we understand market challenges and expectations. Also this background enables us to support you in meeting national and international regulatory requirements making your product fully compliant and ready for global markets.

All our products including OEM components are CE and ROHS compliant. Furthermore, our company is DIN EN ISO 13485 certified which enables us to develop and manufacture medical equipment.
ALS Automated Lab Solution GmbH is an experienced and successful manufacturer of automated precision instrumentation and imaging systems for life science and diagnostics. Over its history, our company has invested continuously in infrastructure and in-house manufacturing capabilities giving us the freedom to offer professional OEM solutions and services to benefit your projects.

Unlike other design and product development companies we can not only develop and realize the prototyping of your product at lower cost but smoothly bring it through the pilot phase all the way to serial production. This enables us becoming your reliable OEM manufacturing and service partner for the full life cycle of your instruments. We are able to deliver your system on time, within budget and to the highest level of quality and compliance.

At ALS we aim to develop long-term customer relationships supporting you beyond the launch of your product and ensuring your success by refining and supporting your products throughout their entire lifecycle.

Our experienced in-house design, engineering and manufacturing teams consisting of mechatronic, optical, automation, software and quality control professionals will work closely with you to bring your innovation to life. Upon request, our R&D scientists and application specialists will share their expertise and opinion for the optimization of your assays and refinement of your product idea.

From idea to market: Our OEM design and manufacturing process

At ALS we understand that no project is like the other. This is why we tailor our development, engineering and manufacturing processes to your requirements and specifications. The path to a successful instrument solution, be it the modification of an existing product or the creation of a completely new device, includes multiple steps which are explained below. We can support you for the full process or just for individual steps. Learn how our team of experts will guide you through this journey.

Concept discussion and feasibility tests

OEM - Feasability tests & Rough prototyping
A successful project starts with a detailed understanding of your needs and goals. To achieve this we will review together with you all technical and application requirements, performance goals and budget constraints. During this stage some experiments or rapid prototyping may be performed to investigate and prove feasibility which will in return limit the project risk and leads to an optimized project cost estimate. In case of an OEM product based on our CellCelector technology, a feasibility study is possible in our labs in Germany as well as on-site in your lab using our existing or slightly modified hardware and software. This phase ends with a detailed project proposal providing you the base for a thorough go/no-go decision.

Engineering and design

OEM design
ALS ability to develop your product in a short time frame is based on decades of experience of our scientists and engineers supported by the use of leading edge AutoDesk® Inventor 3D modeling software, state of the art PCB design tools and innovative software processes incorporating modern tools like Microsoft VisualStudio Team Suite.
Once settled on a detailed project proposal we will start engineering your product. During this phase, our scientists and engineers will develop all necessary mechanical modules and drawings, calculate and design optical components, develop PCBs and electronic schematics as well as software modules and tools. All this will lead to a complete system fulfilling the requirements discussed and agreed in the concept phase. While designing your product we are constantly applying our experience in manufacturability and cost-effectiveness. Depending on the complexity and scale of your project this procedure is separated into different phases with a design review at the end of each phase. This ensures frequent interaction with you discussing possible options and rapid implementation of your feedback.


OEM In house 3D printing for fast prototyping of parts
Our workshops are equipped with modern 3D printing technology enabling rapid prototyping of mechanical parts enabling an efficient iterative design approach.
After reviewing the design of the developed solution and your renewed go/no-go decision a specified number of prototypes will be built. Those prototypes allow you testing and validation of your target applications using a fully functional system. To move fast in this critical phase our workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art tools including in-house CNC milling, 3D printing, and automated PCB manufacturing. This allows us rapid in-house prototyping of mechanical parts, electronics, and software. If timing and budget allow our highly qualified and validated network of suppliers and collaborators can support prototyping of your products through technologies like low-volume injection molding, metal forming, custom plastic parts (e.g. for housing design) as well as consumable prototyping. It is your decision if prototypes should be purely functional or finished in order to be used as pre-production sales or marketing samples. Custom consumables, as well as firmware and software, will be tested at this stage as well.

Pilot production

OEM Prototyping - Assembling electronics parts
A modern pick-and-place system for PCB manufacturing is used in-house for manufacturing of electronics components of your products.
Once the prototypes have been tested and accepted by you the design will be optimized. The focus of this phase is streamlining manufacturing as well as optimizing cost. Lessons learned from the prototypes are leading to an improved design. At this stage, we are also able to add your brands custom design elements into hardware and software. A small pilot batch of instruments will be manufactured allowing you to perform more thorough and refined validation tests in-house and at a customer site. During the manufacturing of this pilot batch all quality control, support, packaging and installation procedures are defined and validated with you.

Serial manufacturing

OEM ALS - In-house CNC Machining
CNC machining of mechanical parts in our company’s workshop.
After the pilot batch of your product has proven itself to be ready a transfer to serial manufacturing is started. This includes the preparation of all necessary documentation and validation tests like EMV or high-voltage testing for CE, UL or NRTL validation. ALS manufactures and tests all instruments at our factory in Jena shipping them to you or directly to your customers. Our DIN EN ISO 13485 certified processes and our ERP-system lead to full traceability of all parts passing through our purchasing and production. This ensures the parts being linked to the serial number of the manufactured systems. Our services can include the sourcing of parts, incoming quality control procedures, the assembly of the instruments, outgoing quality control as well as installation services at your customer site.

The full manufacturing process can be done either in our DIN EN ISO 13485 certified quality management system or based on your own process management system. Upon request, we can even enforce and audit the latter within our supply network hence leading to a homogeneous process management landscape all the way through manufacturing from parts to the complete instrument.

Regulatory compliance and validation support

Certain products may require additional certification from regulatory authorities. This can include CE-IVD, MPG or FDA approval of your instrument. Many years of experience with past projects enable us to support and lead your finished products through such procedures. This includes the creation of all necessary documentation, running the required tests and experiments as well as communication with the regulatory authorities.

Product support

Once your product is launched we are able to offer our support services. Those include installation, maintenance, repairs, instrument relocations, module upgrades, and software updates. This gives you immediate access to our worldwide network of support specialists which will be trained in-house on your products. Spare parts are available for up to 7 years after production of the last instrument batch.

OEM automated components

During development of our own instruments ALS Automated Lab Solutions designed a range of high-precision, low-cost system components, and modules which can be offered as OEM modules ready to be integrated into your products. Amongst others, this includes microscope stages and focus drives, precision axes, syringe pumps, automated microscopy modules as well as compact plate stackers for walkaway automation.
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