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Empower your research with leading single cell and colony isolation system

Module for picking of adherent cells
CellCelector platform enables fully automated image-based sorting and picking of single cells, clusters, adherent cell colonies as well as clones from semi-solid media.
CellCelector in Incubator FlowBox
Incubator FlowBox
Make your cells happy during live cell sorting or cloning experiments using our unique laminar flow cabinet which provides sterile physiological conditions with efficient control of temperature, humidity and CO2 level.
Microscopic stage with petri dish
Automation Components
Explore our range of microscope stages, precision axes and syringe pumps for your tailored custom automation solutions or OEM projects.
Picking of rare single cells after magnetic enrichment
Rare Single Cell Isolation
Automatically detect and isolate 100 % pure single rare cells (e.g. CTCs or fetal cells) for downstream molecular characterization or culturing. High-resolution imaging, fast, gentle, without cell loss.
Fluorescence image of an antibody secreting hybridoma colony
Clone Picking from Semi-solid Media
Use the CellCelector for identification and isolation of high-expression clones for antibody production as well as for the isolation of 3D colonies.
Picking of fragments from hES colonies with CellCelector
Stem Cell Picking
Use our ALS proprietary mechanical detachment technique for clonal picking of iPSC, hESC and others from feeder cells as well as feeder free cultures.
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