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Isolierung seltener Einzelzellen: zirkulierende Tumorzellen (CTCs)

  • Cabezas-Camarero, S. et al. RAS analysis of circulating tumor cells from advanced colorectal cancer using BEAMing technology. Journal of Clinical Oncology 37 (15_suppl) (2019)  

  • Kim, D.U. et al. Comprehensive characterization of single circulating rare cells through automated picking and high-throughput mRNA profiling in patients with pancreatic cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 37 (4_suppl) (2019)  

  • Lampignano, R. et al. The combination of ParsortixTM and CellCelectorTM enables the characterisation of EpCAMneg CTCs in breast cancer  Poster ISMRC 2016 Hamburg

  • Neumann, M. et al. CellCelector isolation of CTCs enables additional marker staining followed by panel sequencing Poster ISMRC 2016 Hamburg

  • Neumann, M. et al. CellCelector and CellSearch combined workflow  Poster ACTC 2014 Crete

  • Voigt, K. et al. Single cell sequencing of rare cells after magnetic enrichment  Poster ISRMC 2013 Paris

  • Berger, T. et al. Detection and characterization of CTCs in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)  Poster DGHO 2013 Vienna

Isolierung seltener Einzelzellen: fetale Zellen (zellbasierte NIPT)

Einzelzellisolierung und Analyse

  • Zoldan, K. et al. Visualizing of migration, interaction,  proliferation or differentation of cells in time lapse exposures using  the cell  separation robot CellCelectorTM nature methods application notes 2010  

  • Wagner, K. et al. Selection of reference genes for quantitative PCR of single cells  Poster STS 2011

Einzelzell CRISPR Gene editing

Nanowellbasiertes Screening und Isolierung von B- und T-Zellen

  • Nelep C. Fast Antibody Discovery Workflows on the CellCelector™ Flex Platform Poster PEGS Europe (2021)

Isolierung adhärenter Kolonien (Stammzellen etc.)

  • Zoldan, K. et al. Automated harvest of induced pluripotent stem cell colonies and colony fractions using the cell separation robot CellCelectorTM  nature methods application notes (2010)  

  • Zoldan, K. et al. Automated isolation of semi-adherent  macrophage-like cells from a fibroblast-contaminated culture using the cell separation robot CellcelectorTM nature methods application notes (2010)  

  • Haupt, S. et al. Automated selection and harvesting of pluripotent stem cell colonies using the CellCelector  Nature Methods (2009)   

  • Planes, E. et al. Life Cell Imaging for Quality Control of Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture Poster ISSCR 2013 Boston

Picken von Klonen aus halbfesten Medien

  • Zoldan, K. et al. Automated clonal selection of  high-producing hybridoma colonies from methylcellulose-based, semi-solid  medium using the cell separation robot CellCelectorTM  nature methods application notes (2010)   

  • Julien, A. et al. Antigen specific antibody-producing clones selected by isotypes  Biosystems International Application Note  

  • Gilbert, R. Fluorescent labeling in Semi-Solid Medium to Identify High Expressing Clones for Recombinant Protein Production (CHO)  CHI's Bioprocessing Summit Presentation, Boston 2011

Sphäroidisolierung und -manipulation


Low-volume Isolierung von Kolonien aus Flüssigkulturen


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