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Automatic placement machine for Centrifuges

These system is an automatic placement machine for Centrifuges for preparing and separating blood samples. Besides two robot arms which are placing the blood samples in the right position, the system includes two Decappers, which remove the cabs from the test tube after centrifugation. The Decappers are able to recognize up to 25 different tube types.

At first a robot positions the sample tubes from racks in special packs. These special packs are put into the Centrifuge by another robot arm. After centrifugation, the packs will be taken to the next station. The tubes will be taken out individually and put into the Decapper which will remove the cabs. Afterwards the sample tubes are placed in a tube holder and transported to the actually analysis stations. 

Device for remove caps from sample tubes

The Decapper is a precision mechanics, medical-technological device which removes the caps from sample tubes. An advantage over existing units is that it can be used for various kinds of caps also for tubes with screwtops.

situable for:

  • various types of sample tubes (blood, urine) of diameters ranging from 11.5 to 16.8mm and length ranging from 73 to 102mm
  • Screw-caps and plugs
  • Control via serial port RS232
  • Integrated NEC microcontroller
  • Handling of sample tubes by robotic device


placement machine
for Centrifuges

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