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Precision axis, axis systems & controls

Due to the long lasting experiences in the field of development and production of instruments and assemblies for laboratory automation, ALS Automated Lab Solutions has a high know-how concerning drives and axis systems.

Affected by the demands on high precision in combination with compact and cost-efficient construction, many partly diversified axis systems have been realised as well as mass-produced and marketed.

The precision axis and ?systems offered by ALS Automated Lab Solutions are characterised by very high positioning accuracies (<0,01mm); repeat accuracies (<0,001mm) and pretty compact construction. Servo- and stepping motors, which can be controlled serially or via CAN-Bus by compact, locally or centrally arranged controls, are used as drives. The integration of a micro-controller with corresponding firmware allows addressing polyaxial systems simply via Ethernet from a sequencer on a Windows-PC and realising complex motional functions.

On the basis of already existing (and partly patented) solutions, customised systems can be developed and produced cost-effective and at short notice.



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X-Z-φ axis system
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